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  • Matt's Tip of the Week: Spring Forward By Adding Curb Appeal!

    Thursday, March 9, 2017   /   by Matthew Moffit

    Matt's Tip of the Week: Spring Forward By Adding Curb Appeal!

    Sunday, March 12 daylight savings time begins, which really translates into losing an hour of sleep, an hour of socializing, or an hour of work, depending on your schedule. If you are getting ready to sell your home, the warmer weather gives you an opportunity to get the yard in perfect condition, attracting more potential buyers. Some easy things DIY things you can start with:

    - Trim bushes and branches; set pots of bright flowers on your porch or front walkway.

    - Install new, matching locks and knobs on your front door.

    - Repair any cracks or holes in the driveway, and clean oil spots with degreaser and a steel brush.

    - Edge the grass around walkways and trees; stow your garden tools and hoses out of sight, and clear kids’ toys from the lawn.

    - Buy a new mailbox.

    - Upgrade your outdoor lighting and purchase a new doormat for outside your front door; polish or replace your house numbers.

    - Clean your windows, inside and out.

    - Mow your lawn. Also, turning on the sprinklers for 30 minutes before the showing will make the whole yard sparkle.

    - Place a seasonal wreath on your door.

    You don't need to break your back or your bank account to increase your curb appeal! To receive a complete home seller's guide, call or message us. Have a great week!